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The Red Egg, part the first. - Slayers d20

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October 12th, 2004

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08:30 pm - The Red Egg, part the first.
I was going to work on this some more tonight, but I'm just too damned tired. So I'm going to post the first part as it stands and then add more as I finish it. For people willing to work up NPCs on their own, technically this is all they need to jump start things.

"The Red Egg" is an adventure module for Slayers d20. The goal of this module is not to give a fully plotted out adventure to run characters through, but to give GMs a macguffin, a basic premise, and a group of NPCs to interact with, with enough options and flexibility to tailor to the PCs, but enough details so that the GM isn't working totally from scratch.

The MacGuffin: The Red Egg

The exact nature of the Red Egg doesn't really matter. From a physical standpoint, it's, well, egg shaped, about the size of a large grapefruit. The coloring goes from a nearly-black crimson at the base, up to a vibrant light red (not pink :P) up at the tip. It's a very shiny and glossy color and the eggshell itself is extremely hard. Now, what does the egg do? It can do whatever the GM wants, really. There are three options that seem to cover a range of things that might keep characters interested.

1.) The Red Egg really is an egg of some creature (maybe a rare Red Spotted Wyvern or something equally unlikely). And it's one of the most delicious meals in the history of the world.
2.) The Red Egg is a powerful skill or spell focus.
3.) The Red Egg itself isn't anything special...but it's rarity is. It could be a powerful symbol of a country destroyed in the War of Monster's Fall. And as such, it's worth a lot of money to the right collector.

So, if any of the above are true, what's to stop your characters from just ~keeping~ the damned thing and ruining any of the adventure ideas to follow? Complications, of course.

1.) The egg maybe extraordinarily delicious, but if not prepared correctly, it's ~hideously~ poisonous. Blowfish (or dragon cuisine) anyone?
2.) The skill or spell that it's a focus for isn't exactly in high demand, like Craft (Matchsticks) or a spell for polishing bronze statues.
3.) There's probably not a lot of collectors looking for the Red Egg for one and, for another, the Egg is "hot property" meaning that most antique shops or magic shops are unlikely to buy it, knowing that it's stolen and people might be looking for it.

So, now that you know about the Egg, how do you get it to your characters? This one's pretty easy. If your characters are in the habit of blowing up bandits, righting wrongs, or picking up treasure wherever they find it, just throw the Red Egg in with the loot. If your characters aren't looting everything that moves (or has moved recently or is thinking of moving in the near future), then you have a reverse-pickpocketing, where Glynn plants the Red Egg on one of the characters (Glynn is trying to get rid of it so he can get the bounty hunters et al off his tail. See his character entry later). Once the characters have the Egg, they have to find a way to get rid of it while driving off bounty hunters, crazy old men, bandits, weird sorcerers, and the usual variety of strange Slayers peoples. Things in this module are primarily written with this play style in mind.

Another way to play this module is to have the characters hired to get the Egg for one of the other principal NPCs that I'll mention later. This'll produce a different sort of game, where instead of being the target of all the attention, the characters will be competing with the NPCs to recover the Egg. This has the potential to be a much more fast paced game as the characters race to catch who has the Egg, battling their rivals, setting diversions for rivals, etc. Once the characters acquire the Egg (~if~ they acquire it), the style of play becomes similar to the previous, where the characters have to hold off people from getting the Egg until they can successfully return it to whomever hired them.
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